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A lease that provides for periodic increases of rent at regular intervals is called a:

2. If a broker receives three offers for the same property at approximately the same time, which of the following offers should the broker submit to the owner?
3. To obtain net operating income, which of the following fees is subtracted from gross income?
4. The donation of private land for public use is called:
5. A condominium unit that is sold in connection with a rental-pool arrangement with no individual right of control is considered a:

The division of a tract of land into building lots is MOST likely covered by:

7. Which of the following situations is an example of encroachment?
8. A cloud on the title of property will be revealed by the:

S, who recently received the deed to a newly purchased property, noted that there were a number of limitations regarding the use of the property.  These limitations are commonly known as:


The value placed on land and buildings by a governmental unit for use in levying annual real estate taxes is called the:


Under which of the following agreements are the owners of a property obligated to pay a commission even though they sell the property themselves?

12. A graduated payment loan is defined as:

Which of the following items are similar in the ownership of a condominium and a cooperative?


A parcel of property that measures ½ mile by ½ mile is equal to:


A loan that provides for increases and decreases in the interest rate during its term is known as a(an):


Pledging a freestanding stove and refrigerator as security for a loan in addition to real property is an example of the following types of mortgage?

17. Which of the following statements is CORRECT about the law of agency?
18. When private property is abandoned, the public body of the state or the county may exercise its reversionary claim to that property under the right of:
19. Failure of homeowners to pay for labor to repair their home may result in a:
20. Developer G leases real property from the owner with the intent of constructing an office building on it.  G has which of the following interests in the property?

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